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We are the major local supplier of Fireworks, which we sell all year round. We have a huge range to suit small garden displays up to larger displays.

We mainly stock fireworks from Kimbolton, Royal Party, Cosmic and Bright Star; selecting the best from each range to provide a great selection for you to choose from. We have selection boxes from £9.99 up to large “single ignition all in one display cakes” and small rockets up to large display rockets, plus of course plenty in between including Sparklers and Chinese Lanterns. We also supply bird scaring rockets and crow ropes for bird scaring use.

Royal Party

Royal Party Fireworks leads in innovation by in depth product development and heavy involvement directly with the factories in China. From our Office in LiuYang we coordinate and supervise our manufacturing to ensure we provide the highest standard and quality possible for the consumer. This has resulted in the Royal Party brand of fireworks being synonymous with quality, reliability and safety. We cooperate with the most reliable and innovative factories in China to bring you the most accurate products our suppliers build. All Fireworks are approved by authorised testing institute (ITQS) to ensure our product meet and exceed all performance and safety test. All fireworks comply with EU & British safety standards. Our domestic sales staff will handle your containers and communicate with our China office and partners for you.

Bright Star

Established in 1992 we have grown to be one of the largest suppliers of Fireworks in the UK to the Wholesale and Retail Trade. Each year, we travel great lengths to find you the most spectacular Fireworks there are and introduce them before anybody else. To find out more about each product, please click here to view or download a copy of our new 2015 Catalogue or navigate through our website. Including our massive range of fireworks, we also stock a wide variety of party products such as Fun Snaps, Glow Sticks, Sparklers and Party Poppers.


Cosmic Fireworks was founded over 25 years ago and came under new ownership in 2011. The new management at Cosmic Fireworks has once again established itself as a leading supplier of high quality fireworks, with its retail and wholesale partners across mainland UK. The Cosmic ethos still remains the same, to provide the highest quality in fireworks, whilst offering exceptional margins. All our fireworks are rigorously tested to ensure that they either comply with BS7114 or BS EN 15947. Anyone who is yet to experience the Cosmic Fireworks brand, please take the opportunity to consider us this year, as the quality and performance of our fireworks will not disappoint and hopefully will make you a Cosmic Fireworks convert for many years to come.


The company founder, Reverend Ron Lancaster had a fascination for fireworks and chemistry from his very early years growing up in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. This historical centre of the UK fireworks industry saw Ron experimenting with pyrotechnic devices and helping to organise displays for the local community during the Second World War, at a time when fireworks were not available. Pressing GerbsIn later years Ron was appointed as Chaplain and taught chemistry at Kimbolton School in Cambridgeshire where his passion for fireworks grew and he carried out extensive research for the firework industry from his newly constructed workshops. As the reputation of the Reverend Lancaster’s fireworks and displays grew, Kimbolton Fireworks Ltd was formed. Kimbolton Fireworks remains at the core, a family owned business with a commitment to deliver the highest quality products and service.


A selection of pyrotechnics including Ice Fountains, Selection Boxes, Sparklers, Wheel, Barrages, Singel Ignition, 1.4G, Fountain, Rocket, Garden Fireworks, Barrages Packs, Display Kits


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