Talk Carp Bait and before long the name Mainline Baits will be mentioned. This is because since Mainline Baits was founded it has been synonymous with the highest quality carp baits possible, and the capture of carp from all over the world. Mainline’s concept of offering the angler a fantastic bait whilst at the same time offering the carp a valuable food source ensures that all our baits stand the test of time when used on any water, so much so in fact that repeat captures on the same bait are normal as the carp just can’t get enough; summer or winter makes little difference. Using the best carp bait is fundamental in the pursuit of carp, as your success revolves around carp and their feeding habits. Mainline’s contacts in the food industry presented us with a wealth of opportunities in terms of research and product availability both at home & abroad./p>


Created in 1963 Sensas is celebrating its 50th birthday this year. Sensas started business as a cooking oil producer and recycled press cakes (a by-product of oil making) into fishing groundbaits. As time went on the company concentrated more on the fishing bait production and soon became No1 groundbait supplier first in France, then Europe. During the 1990′s Jean Desque developed the 3000 Range of groundbaits so familiar to top matchmen across the world today.Our groundbait and match fishing ranges have collectively won over 50 individual and team World Championship titles. Sensas is also a market leader in carp fishing through the Starbaits brand and sport predator fishing with our Illex and Pezon & Michel brands

Sticky Baits

Check out the stye and functionality of our large selection of Hunter Boots in 6 different styles across all adult sizes and childrens, plus accessories such as boots jacks socks and insoles. Our Hunter prices are very competitive, plus we offer service and local after sales support.


We stock a range of Nashbait Pastes, Dips, Boosters & Arousers, Floaters, Zigs, Ingredients & Additives, Pop Ups and Hookbaits, Method Mixes, Groundbait and Rock Salt, Particle Boosters, Boilies, Pellets and Stick Mixes


Innovative bait for the modern angler. Sonubaits is at the very forefront of providing bait for the Modern Angler. Creating high quality fishing bait is about listening to leading anglers requirements on how they want a bait to perform for their specific requirements and the reasons why. Then with our extensive sourcing and manufacturing capabilities, knowledge of ingredients and fish behaviour, we set about developing bait to satisfy their demands and therefore the needs of all modern anglers. All our baits go through extensive testing by some of the best anglers in the UK and Europe before their release to ensure that the quality of them is unsurpassed.


We stock bolilies, pellets, groundbait, hookbaits, dips and soaks.


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